Benefits you get
by work in Nabina

We do what we believe in and we deliver excellence. We believe in making life better for our employees and our customers

Safe working environment

We ensure women feel safe when they are working in Nabina Holding. We have made special provisions for women to help them feel safe and secure.

Maternity leaves benefits

We provide our women employees with 22-26 weeks of maternity leave along with flexible work options once they return from their leave.

Flexible work options

Today's workforce needs the flexibility to take care of their responsibilities towards their family, work and other areas of personal interest. To enable them to give their 100% at work, we offer flexible work options.


Life is unpredictable, and we believe that our employees should be able to take their personal and professionals lives forward in a holistic manner.

Supporting budding Education program

We encourage budding professionals to take charge of the study opportunities that go along with the organization. We are committed to bringing our employee the best version of themselves.

Compensation perks

Our Responsibility does not stop at salaries alone, we offer every possible assistance, to facilitate your settling down, we provide interest free loans for emergencies, and we provide attractive incentives for our employees to share our rewards of success.

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