Writing a winning cover letter

How to write a cover letter for a job application

Competition for jobs can be tough and your job application needs to stand out. At times, employers may
deal with hundreds of applications for the one position.

Whether you are writing a letter of application in answer to a job advertisement, or just searching for work
that has not been advertised, the objective is the same – to get an interview!

Cover letters are an important part of the whole package that you send to the employer. It is likely to be
the first correspondence you will have with an employer on which he/she will be able to judge you, so it’s
your chance to make a great first impression.

What Matters

Employers look for what you can do for them — your letter, along with your resume, is your opportunity to
show them what you have to offer. A generic letter sent with all of your job applications is a lost

Although your resume will outline your relevant work history, qualifications, dates and specific details
about your skills and experience – the cover letter introduces you. It explains your motivations for
seeking the position and provides summary information about your skills and experience.

Cover letters are a useful way to ‘fill in the gaps’ that may be present if an employer only reads your
resume. For example, your cover letter can explain things like: interstate relocation, career change,
periods of unemployment and other details that may be unclear from reading your resume alone.

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